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Daily Self Examination

Just as we go to school, attend lectures/ classes and take tests/ examinations, we also have to do same with our life style. Life is one big school filled with lessons and tests but do we evaluate ourselves?

Normally before you leave your house, you check the mirror to see if there’s any flaw in your dressing or makeup, self–examination or self–evaluation can be likened to this. It is basically asking yourself questions, giving accurate answers and grading yourself. Seems a lot?, No it’s not 😄.

I’ll walk you through on how you can do this;

Create an itinerary: Relax and reflect on what you would like to accomplish during the week or month, you can also add timelines. This could be like a to–do list.

Create a safe space for your thoughts: You can decide to have a diary or a journal. Events are recorded in a diary while a journal is used to analyse these events. You can also have conversations with yourself in private, No you’re not mad, you’re trying to process things 😉.

Examine Yourself: This could be done in the evening, when you’ve finished that big presentation or when you are less busy. Try to record your successes or failures, look at what made it that way and improve on it. Take time to think about your words and actions during the day, you may have hurt someone and did not realise it.

If you’re a worker, have some time (maybe 5 minutes) to decompress before you head back home. This would help you to avoid transferring aggression of what happened in the workplace to the folks at home.

Try this for at least a week and see the positive changes that comes with it.

Happy New Year!!! 🎊 🎊🎈, Have a blessed 2021.

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Aspiring Data Scientist | Tech Savvy

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